The Australian Virtual Business Network (AVBN) was created to offer Australian virtual businesses a place to partner with their ideal client, showcasing their services in a professional environment. It is also a place where those businesses can learn about matters pertinent to running a business in Australia, give them access to resources for growing their business … and a forum where they can share knowledge and experiences with each other, as well as aspiring virtual business operators.

The network is not a lead generating network alone as there are lots of these already in existence. Membership of the network is a way for virtual businesses to show their clients and potential clients they have met a very high level of expertiseexperience and service delivery.

Our mission is to set the standard for virtual assistance in Australia. When a business is approved for membership of AVBN they can be proud of having achieved a standard of excellence not often reached. 

We are also committed to providing clients with the best, pre-screened virtual support services. 

With the trend towards ‘outsourcing your life’ and ‘the 4 hour work week’, clients run an increased risk of outsourcing to freelancers who aren’t all they say they are.

  • How do you know you’re getting what you pay for?
  • At AVBN clients are assured that they are partnering with the best virtual business operators in Australia.

Introducing The New Director Of The Australian Virtual Business Network (AVBN)

Award-winning VA, Lyn Prowse-Bishop, has handed the reins of AVBN over to Rosie Shilo (Virtually Yours) 

Rosie Shilo
Since 2006, the AVBN has been the only network in Australia to offer clients access to fully prequalified virtual businesses, and Virtual Businesses a chance to attain the Certified Australian Virtual Business Certification, along with providing training and resources to build their business.
The AVBN’s mission is to set the standard for virtual assistance in Australia. When a business is approve d for membership of AVBN, they can proudly show they have achieved a standard of excellence which is benchmarked against strict core competencies. Clients recognise AVBN businesses to be the best in the industry.
Rosie will continue to help the AVBN members’ businesses grow and develop through learning opportunities, networking and ongoing business development and support. In addition, Rosie notes, ‘We plan to build some fantastic opportunities for our members to be involved at a number of levels including development of business courses designed to help them grow their own businesses and share their knowledge in their areas of expertise.’

Stay tuned for more exciting times ahead for all Virtual Businesses across Australia.

Lyn Prowse-Bishop


The AVBN was founded by award-winning, Queensland-based Virtual Assistant, Lyn Prowse-Bishop (Executive Stress Office Support) who identified a need in Australia for provision of online support and training for those interested in starting their own VA practice – and also for the provision of top quality, prequalified VA support for clients.

Lyn has been running her VA practice since February 2000 and serves on two international committees as Australian representative: a certification program for the global VA industry; and a standards committee that was instrumental in establishing the Core Competencies for Emerging VAs (as outlined elsewhere on this site). She has also served for five years as a founding steering committee member responsible for the Online International VA Convention, and also speaks at the convention, and served for two years as Queensland and VA Industry representative on the board of Independent Contractors Australia.

In addition to running her practice, she is host of the Virtual Business Show – Australia’s first internet radio show/podcast for the VA industry.